About me

What you should know about me?  
I am a proud Indie Author who writes Urban Fantasy, Harry Potter Fan, and a tv show junkie. Since I can think I love books and whenever I am not reading or watching tv shows, I make up stories in my head (which happens automatically and there is nothing I can do to prevent it from happening). I usually have to write these stories down at some point, in order to not go completely insane. Believe me – you do not want to be inside my head. It’s pretty chaotic in there. That’s how I started writing and in September 2017 I finally decided to publish one of my stories. And although it used to be my dream to be accepted by a publisher when I was younger, I decided to reject the offer I got – which of course means a lot more work for me, but it also means that I have a lot more liberties. And since I am a little controlfreak, I love my freedom.